Once a Skeptic, Illinois Grower Now Relies on FieldNET™ Technology

Fourth generation grower John Breedlove admits he’s a little skeptical of new technology.

“After 35 or 36 years of farming, I’m kind of set in my ways,” he said. “It’s hard for an old dog to go ahead and change over.”

But the Illinois grower did make the move to technology – adding FieldNET Advisor to six of the 32 center pivots that operate on his farm near Manito. A groundbreaking irrigation management solution, FieldNET Advisor provides Breedlove with continuously updated, science-based irrigation recommendations to help him decide precisely when, where and how much to irrigate.

“Initially, I was kind of skeptical. Being the farmer I am, I went out and checked the fields in the different sections to make sure the technology was doing what it was supposed to do,” he said. “It seemed like it didn’t miss a beat.”

Breedlove said FieldNET Advisor is easy to operate and he now has confidence in the irrigation recommendations it delivers.

“With Advisor, I have something in my back pocket that’s giving me advice,” he said. “I saved maybe five turns on my pivot, so it’s saving on water and electricity. And, by putting the right amount of water on my crop, I should see an increase in yield.”

With 25 miles between all of his pivots, Breedlove said FieldNET Advisor also has become an important time-saver.

“I was checking them morning, noon and night. Now, with FieldNET Advisor, I feel confident that my pivots are running and doing the watering that needs to be done,” he said. “My kids were in FFA and 4-H, and I felt very uncomfortable about leaving my pivots during the summer to go to their shows. With FieldNET and FieldNET Advisor, I know exactly what’s going on, so I can go ahead and enjoy time with my family.”

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