Positive Attraction for Magnetic Flow Meter

Growsmart® by Lindsay’s Magnetic Flow Meter is one more solution helping growers like Dirk Harberg be good stewards of land, energy and water resources.

“Every drop of water in the United States is very valuable and we need to be precise with what we are doing with it,” Harberg says.

Growers are turning to magnetic flow meters to help eliminate the problems of traditional mechanical meters which feature moving parts that can break. Several benefits of Growsmart Magnetic Flow Meters helping prevent input and water waste include:

  • Superior IP68 enclosure seal 
  • No moving parts to replace
  • No flow obstruction 
  • Range of sizes
  • Remote monitoring capabilities with FieldNET® by Lindsay
  • Optional battery pack featuring longer life than most competitive models 
  • ICWT tested for accuracy (International Center for Water Technology)

“I honestly think that farmers are one of the best stewards of the ground and that 99.9% of all farmers are very interested in being conservative,” Harberg says. “If you don’t have a flow meter, you honestly don’t have a way to know how much water you’re using.”

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