Protecting Your Investment with Pivot Insurance

It’s one of the most durable pieces of equipment in your operation, but damage to a center pivot can happen in the blink of an eye – lightning, wind or even vandals can put your pivot out of business.

Whether your pivot takes a beating from the elements or just works hard during irrigation season, experts say it’s crucial to have it insured in the event a repair, or even replacement, is needed.

Jon Taylor, vice president of insurance sales and marketing at Diversified Agrisurance, advises growers to consider the following when insuring your pivot:

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Experience – When choosing an insurance provider for your irrigation coverage it’s important to pick a company that knows and understands the irrigation business.

Replacement Cost – When considering policies, make sure that you get the right coverage for your system. Most insurance policies will depreciate your machine at the time of a loss, which leaves you holding the bag to pay half, if not more, for a new system. Look for an agency that will cover the full cost to repair or replace, whichever is less, up to the coverage amount shown for that system. 

Coverage – It’s important to review with your agent exactly what is covered on your policy – don’t wait until you have a claim to find out what is and isn’t covered. We recommend policies that cover most direct physical losses due to an external cause, including acts of nature, theft, vandalism, collision with farm implements and rodent damage. You might also want to consider optional cover for damage caused by mechanical or electrical failure – for example, a bolt shearing off or a micro switch fail that causes your system to walk into itself.

Claims Process – Claims always seem to happen at the most inopportune time - usually within the heart of irrigation season. Make sure you’re with a company that understands that time is important and that their adjusters have experience with pivots.  Most companies will send an adjustor to come review your loss. This will speed up the claims process and help get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

For more information about pivot insurance options and agencies in your area, consult your local Zimmatic dealer.