Filtration  | Pump Protection Separators (PPS)

Safeguards your in-well pumps from abrasive sand 

Zimmatic Pump Protection Separators (PPS) powered by LAKOS technology remove sand and grit that can threaten the performance and shorten the life of a submersible or turbine water well pump. Using a patented centrifugal design, PPS control sand from entering the pump inlet before it can damage impellers, bearings, and other pump components. This keeps the pump operating at maximum efficiency while discharging separated sand deep into the well. 

Maintenance-free design 

Made of durable carbon steel, PPS are designed without moving parts to wear out, and without screens or filter elements to clean and replace.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reduce pump wear, repair and replacement
  • Extend pump life by four times or more
  • Help maintain optimum pump yield
  • Save on energy costs through higher operating efficiency
  • Minimize critical pump breakdowns
  • Reduce the burden on other filtration and treatment process