Remote Technology Offers Many Benefits – Even on Pivots that are Close to Home

The Eliasons put up their first Zimmatic pivot in 1981 – trading it in just last year for a newer model equipped with FieldNET.

“Our pivots are close to home and easy to check on, so I wasn’t sure we needed the remote technology,” said Anthony Eliason. “But I love being able to start and stop the pivots from the seat of my tractor or sprayer – finishing field operations without the extra trips across the field.”

A fifth-generation farmer, Anthony works alongside his dad, Dale, and grandfather, Allan on Golden DEE farms – the 5,000-acre family operation located east of Outlook, Saskatchewan.

“Of the 5,000 acres we farm, 1,250 acres are irrigated,” Anthony said. “Our normal rotation includes Canola, wheat, lentils, peas and canary seeds – and this year, we’re trying fababeans.”

Once he realized the benefits of remote technology, Eliason added it to the other Zimmatic pivots that operate on his farm.

“We now have all four under remote control. Two of our pivots have FieldBoss and FieldVision panels, so it was really easy to add FieldNET. The other two have basic panels, so we upgraded those with Pivot Control,” he said. “Now I don’t have to make needless trips around the countryside to make sure the pivots are working. And, if there is a problem, I receive an email or text alert.”

With the new technology, Eliason also expects to reduce water usage – particularly in Iow-lying areas.

“I think new technology will continue to help farmers conserve resources and be more productive,” he said. “We’re showing the world that we are taking care of our environment.”

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