Repair, Replace or Take Control?

Center pivot systems are known for their rugged toughness and ability to last for several decades, but unfortunately control panels don’t always last as long. Many growers are faced with the decision on what to do when their OEM control panel suddenly fails or aging parts begin to increase the cost of ownership. They question whether they should continue to repair parts or replace the whole thing?

Common control panel parts that can fail with age are:

  • Relay boards
  • Percent timers
  • Mechanical switches
  • Latching relays
  • Computer modules

Fortunately for growers today, there is a third option to repairing or replacing an existing control panel when this occurs and that is to upgrade. Upgrading outdated, unreliable or even failed control panels is not only easy, but is also economical with FieldNET® by Lindsay Pivot Control. The greatest benefit Pivot Control offers is that it replaces many of the most commonly failed parts and it unlocks full remote control and monitoring through the FieldNET mobile app and website.

Pivot Control can be installed on virtually any electric center pivot controller, whether it’s a basic mechanical controller with traditional switches and dials or a computer panel with a touchpad or touchscreen.

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Benefits of upgrading to Pivot Control:

  1. Full remote monitoring and control.
  2. More economical than replacing the factory controller.
  3. Lower cost of ownership.
  4. Save labor and time.
  5. Enhance irrigation management with a variety of sensor options.
  6. GPS positioning allows for more control and programmable features.
  7. Unlock access to water-saving features such as sectional VRI and the FieldNET Advisor™ irrigation scheduling tool.
  8. Peace of mind knowing operational status at all times.
  9. Consolidates multiple pivot brands and controller types into one easy-to-use control interface.
  10. Easy to troubleshoot

For more information about Pivot Control, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit