Revolutionary Irrigation Management Tool Optimizes Irrigation Through Better Decision Making

A groundbreaking new tool from FieldNET® by Lindsay is taking irrigation management to a new level. FieldNET Advisor™ is a new “smart” irrigation decision support tool that is integrated into the existing FieldNET remote management platform. This FieldNET-exclusive capability incorporates the grower’s existing field data and massive amounts of data from several high-quality third-party sources. It leverages patented and proprietary technologies derived from proven crop-science to deliver valuable information to make faster, better-informed irrigation decisions – helping to maximize profitability per acre.

By providing recommendations to help growers know when crops need irrigation and how much water to apply in every zone throughout the field, FieldNET Advisor helps simplify and add confidence to growers’ irrigation management decisions. Further, due to the seamless integration with FieldNET, growers can put those decisions into immediate action and monitor their progress via the integrated remote control and monitoring functionality provided by FieldNET. 

Field trials have shown the financial benefits, as well. FieldNET Advisor helps maximize yield potential by keeping crops at an ideal moisture level throughout their development – avoiding both water stress and overwatering. This also reduces input costs and increases yield potential by avoiding the leaching of key nutrients in the soil and saving unnecessary pumping costs and water usage.

“FieldNET Advisor is a game-changer for growers and the irrigation industry,” said Brian Magnusson, vice president of technology products at Lindsay Corporation. “This innovative solution uses FieldNET’s industry-leading remote irrigation management platform to drastically simplify and automate the use of proven irrigation scheduling methods, which are backed by more than 40 years of research, to help growers decide precisely when, where and how much to irrigate.” 

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In a single map or list view, you can see the most critical information across all your fields, including current soil water depletion, recommended next irrigation start date and application depth recommended to avoid crop stress.

Magnusson said FieldNET Advisor provides growers with continuously updated, science-based irrigation recommendations that are customized for each field. After entering the field’s crop type, hybrids and planting dates, FieldNET Advisor will:

  • Track the available soil water throughout the field by combining a soil map of the field, proprietary dynamic crop canopy and root growth models, the most accurate hyper-local weather data available, and the applied irrigation history.
  • Create a high-resolution map showing the amount of water available to the crop on a 5-meter grid across the entire field.
  • Forecast the crop’s future water needs and predict when and where, without additional irrigation, the yield will begin to decline due to water stress. It also calculates the amount of yield that would be lost due to the stress, which varies based on the crop’s development stage and the severity of the stress.
  • Automatically generate Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) prescriptions, which are continuously updated to account for soil variability throughout the field, as well as the dynamically changing crop water requirements and root growth, season-to-date and forecasted weather and the up to the minute as-applied irrigation.
  • Provide growers the ability to immediately put their irrigation decisions into action by controlling their pivots and monitor their progress via the full integration with FieldNET.


Before FieldNET Advisor, growers typically had to manually track the critical variables at each growth stage. FieldNET Advisor automates this process and removes much of the guesswork from irrigation decisions, which helps maximize yields while reducing water usage and other input costs.

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FieldNET Advisor delivered a three percent yield increase, while using 17 percent less water than the control field – resulting in almost $35 per acre increased profit.

In field trials conducted last growing season, FieldNET Advisor demonstrated its value to growers – delivering critical, science-based information to help determine when to run the irrigation system and how much water to apply. One of the tests, conducted on corn fields in north central Nebraska, showed that FieldNET Advisor delivered a three percent yield increase, while using 17 percent less water than the control field – resulting in almost $35 per acre increased profit.

“This incredibly powerful new tool takes the hassle out of irrigation and helps growers better optimize their irrigation management” Magnusson said. “FieldNET Advisor gives growers information that’s based on years of proven crop research to help them make better-informed decisions about when to run their irrigation systems and how much water to apply – helping improve yields while reducing overwatering and the related input costs and nutrient losses.”

Magnusson added that for growers who already have FieldNET remote monitoring and control equipment installed on their pivots, FieldNET Advisor requires no additional hardware or sensors.

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