Save Time and Resources With FieldNET and Sensors

One of the easiest ways to enhance your operation is by integrating Growsmart® plug-and-play sensors with FieldNET® remote control.

This award-winning solution gives you real-time access to status updates, alerts and reporting. FieldNET offers:

• Remote control and monitoring of sensors, pivots, laterals, pumps and more

• Easy-to-use interface

• Convenient mobile app

• Insightful, color-coded status icons

• Informative, configurable alerts

• Historical charts

Innovative add-ons

Sensors can lower operating costs by helping you make more informed decisions. They’re designed to work with Zimmatic systems, as well as other brands, and are simple to install and use.

 Magnetic Flow Meter – Takes the guesswork out of water usage. Compared to propeller flow meters, the Magnetic Flow Meter does not have any moving parts that may break and is not affected by debris. FieldNET lets you monitor and chart flow rate and volume, and set alerts for flow disparity and battery life.

 Weather Station – Professional-grade weatherproof unit features sensors for wind speed and direction, solar radiation, air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation and calculated ET. Includes accurate, low-maintenance tipping rain bucket. FieldNET tracks weather conditions down to the micro-climate of your field.

 Soil Moisture Monitor – Minimizes water stress to plants and keeps water in the root zone for more efficient irrigation. Probes can be installed at multiple depths to track water in the full root zone. FieldNET offers graphing and configuration to monitor important soil moisture status.

 Injectors – A complete range of chemigation and fertigation options is available. When injectors are tied to a control panel, you are able to turn them on and off remotely.

 Precision VRI  Precision VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation) allows you to apply a precise amount of water or chemicals over multiple crops, soil types and terrains. When integrated with FieldNET, you have the ability to easily create and manage irrigation plans.

Jon Schram of Gretna, Nebraska installed several soil moisture sensors in his irrigated corn and soybean fields. “The sensors allow me to monitor the soil moisture more accurately and make irrigation decisions accordingly,” Schram says. “FieldNET works great to monitor and control my whole irrigation system, even when I’m away from the farm and on vacation. It’s a great service.”

Your local Zimmatic® dealer can show you how to make the most of your operation with sensors and FieldNET.