Sensors Provide Important Field Feedback

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Applying the correct amount of water at the correct time – if you get it right, you can minimize water stress to plants, reduce operation costs and maximize yields. But, if you get it wrong, you’re crops and your bottom line will suffer.

The Growsmart® by Lindsay weather station and soil moisture sensors take the guess work out of irrigation – providing the information growers need to avoid over- or under-watering. When integrated with FieldNET® by Lindsay, the plug-and-play add-ons provide continuous remote control and monitoring as well as quick and easy access important alerts.

“Integrating soil moisture sensors and the weather station with FieldNET gives growers one easy platform that controls pumps and pivots, records water and energy usage, tracks soil moisture levels and trends and logs local weather station information,” said Reece Andrews, new technology product manager at Lindsay. “Growers are automatically notified about conditions that require action." 

Soil moisture probes can be installed at multiple locations to track the water in the full root zone. The probes and sites can be named for quick reference and linked to the associated fields. Soil moisture trends are illustrated in easy-to-read graphs that provide current trending and season-over-season history.

"The soil moisture sensors allow me to monitor the soil moisture more accurately and make irrigation decisions accordingly," says Jon Schram, grower in Springfield Nebraska. "The FieldNET works great to monitor and control my whole irrigation system, even when I'm away from the farm and on vacation. It's a great service."

The state-state of the art weather station includes sensors for wind speed and direction, solar radiation, air temperature, humidity, precipitation and calculated evapotranspiration. A low-maintenance tipping rain bucket also is included in the weather station.

“The soil moisture and weather stations are designed for quick access to field feedback that can result in better overall irrigation and improved crop yield and quality,” Andrews said.

Additional plug-and-play sensors are available to monitor pump stations, flow meters, water pressure and other system components.

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