Small-Field Pivot Provides New Option for Growers

Small-Field Pivot Provides New Option for Growers

Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, introduces the new Z-II small-field pivot—designed to irrigate smaller fields up to 60 acres.

With a crop clearance of 10.5 feet, the Z-II features a smaller diameter pipeline of 4.5 inches, 11-gauge pipe and tower joints, and 5-inch pivot point.

“The smaller Z-II machine follows the same design as other Zimmatic machines, ensuring a strong, long-lasting machine for years of operation in the field,” says Tanner Hoffman, Zimmatic product manager. “At a lower cost per acre, the Z-II is designed by Lindsay engineers to help growers maximize coverage while minimizing cost.”

The Z-II pivot point provides four full-length legs strengthened by numerous cross ties to provide a stable base with consistent crop clearance as the machine transitions from the pivot point to the first span. The Z-II also features Zimmatic’s own external collector ring and Uni-Knuckle joint, which leave the 4.5-inch pipeline free from obstructions.

All GrowSmart control options are available on the Z-II, including FieldNET for remote irrigation management, Hoffman says.

For more information about the Z-II small-field pivot, contact your local Zimmatic dealer or visit our website.