Spotting Sprinkler Problems

Is it time to replace your sprinkler package?

“Now that the 2017 irrigation season has come to a close, it’s a good time to take a look at how your sprinklers performed,” said Aaron Sauser, sprinkler and VRI specialist at Lindsay Corporation. “Take a look at your yield maps to check for potential problem areas, including spots, streaks and other problems that should be corrected before the next growing season.”

The images below show the effects of some of the most common sprinkler problems. 

Incorrect spacing – caused by incorrect overlap, not enough sprinkler heads, plugged nozzles or different sprinkler brands. 

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Worn out sprinkler package – caused by worn regulators, deteriorated plates, worn rotating devices, or plugged nozzles.

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Improper design – caused by inadequate pressure for the elevation, high and low spots or end gun not performing.

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Dry spot at tower – caused by improper nozzles at the tower joints or sprinkler heads that are too low or too high for the crop

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“One or two nozzles might not seem like a big deal, but it can be,” Sauser said. “For example, if two sprinklers that are located 1,170 feet from the pivot point with a throw diameter of 56 feet are plugged, almost 10 acres will be impacted - and the result could be a very meaningful yield loss."

For more information about sprinkler maintenance and replacement packages, see your local Zimmatic dealer