Spring Maintenance

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Is your pivot ready?

No matter what brand of pivots are in your fields, proper maintenance provides better reliability, longer life, and a more productive growing season.

Taking care of some basic maintenance will keep your pivots running smoothly, avoiding downtime and higher operating costs.

Print this handy checklist to complete your spring maintenance or watch this video for helpful tips.

  1. Center Drive Motor & Wheel Gearboxes – check for oil leaks.
  2. Tires – ensure air pressures are to the recommended requirements per the manufacturer.
  3. Driveline – look for any worn components.
  4. Pivot Point – grease the head using half of a tube at the current location and the other half when the system is 180 degrees from the current location.
  5. Drain Plugs – install plugs and flush the system.
  6. Sprinkler Check – walk along the system and make sure that all sprinklers are operating correctly and not stuck in one position.
  7. Grounding Electrode Conductor – confirm it is connected to the main control panel and the ground rod.
  8. Surge Arrestor – before turning on electrical power, verify that it is installed and not damaged.
  9. Electrical Power – basic panels should show 480 volts and the “Control Power” light should be on. Display screens for VISION and BOSS panels should be on.
  10. Run the System – start the system without water in Forward; operate until every tower has cycled on and off several times. Repeat in Reverse.

  1. Oil & Filters – change the engine oil, oil filter, air filters, and fuel filters.
  2. Drive Shafts – grease shafts on pump and motor.
  3. Spark Plugs – check them on gas, propane or natural gas motors.
  4. Cooling System – drain, flush and refill.
  5. Drip Oil – refill the reservoir and allow oil to drain into the drip line based on pump column length.
  6. Run the Motor – operate at the normal speed for 45 minutes.

Leave it to the experts

No time to do your own maintenance? The new Full Circle Maintenance Program is a valuable option that reduces downtime during irrigation season and can prevent costly emergency repairs. To ensure that your systems are always ready for peak performance, the Full Circle Maintenance Program offers two levels of service to meet your requirements.

Zimmatic dealers are trained to service any brand of pivot using Genuine Lindsay Parts for necessary repairs or replacements. Ask your local Zimmatic dealer for details.