Spring Season Check-Up - The Gearbox

When it comes to pre-season maintenance, growers should do more than just wipe the cobwebs off their pivot gearboxes.

“It’s good practice to thoroughly check the system’s gearboxes before every growing season,” said Michael Engelbrecht, general manager of Irrigation Specialist, Inc. “Growers should be looking for leaks and checking to see if water has gotten in there. If the oil looks white or milky, that means there’s water – which cuts down the oil’s ability to lube and prevent leaks.”

For gearboxes that have run at least one full year, Engelbrecht recommends replacing standard gearbox oil with GearLife XL Lube.

Unlike standard oils (left), GearLife XL (right) thins when worked and thickens when idle. This property allows for the lubrication to solidify and form a water-resistant seal, preventing leaks and keeping out harmful moisture. With the fastest solidification on the market, oil dripping out of worked in seals is minimized or even eliminated.

Compatible with all wheel gearbox brands, GearLife XL Lube exceeds GL5 standards that offer higher load characteristics, superior corrosion resistance and industry leading wear properties.

“Everyone is really excited about GearLife XL. It’s the replacement oil we recommend after the first season break-in and settle period,” Engelbrecht said. “It gives a really good seal, so growers won’t have to worry about water or leaks again – the gearbox will be virtually maintenance free.”

For more information about GearLife XL Lube, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit