Technology is the Key to Maximizing Yields

A little rain, a little sun and a lot of technology – that’s what today’s growers will need in order to feed the world’s rapidly growing population.

“Technology is the key driving force in agricultural production, helping growers increase their production efficiency,” said Brian Magnusson, vice president, technology products, irrigation marketing and product management at Lindsay Corporation. “Lindsay is committed to maintaining its position as the global irrigation technology leader by focusing on the continued development of innovative, intelligent and efficient products to serve our customers.”

Magnussen cited FieldNET™ by Lindsay and Growsmart™ by Lindsay Precision VRI as examples of technology that’s helping growers make the most of every acre they own.

According to Magnusson, with FieldNET growers can:

  • Maximize profitability by optimizing agronomic inputs versus yield potential (water, nutrients and chemicals), saving energy and reducing labor requirements.
  • Simplify farming operations by increasing the speed, quality and simplicity of management decisions and by providing the flexibility to manage those operations from anywhere.
  • Avoid crop loss by maximizing irrigation system uptime, receiving alerts about any potential system problems and optimizing production constraint management (i.e. water limits).

With Precision VRI, growers can more precisely apply the optimum amount of water, nutrients or chemicals over multiple crops, planting dates, soil types and terrain. This helps growers maximize yield while reducing irrigation costs and unnecessary irrigations.

“Advancements in technology will continue to drastically reduce the amount of scarce resources required to produce the necessary output in order to feed our growing population,” Magnusson said. “Growers with FieldNET can look forward to additional, exciting innovations coming in the near future that will help them to further maximize their returns per acre.”