The Lindsay Advantage

The Lindsay Advantage


Lindsay, maker of Zimmatic irrigation products, is proud to announce a renewed, long-term commitment to customers with the launch of The Lindsay Advantage.

The Lindsay Advantage combines our tradition of strength and durability with our continued focus on new technology – all with the ultimate goal of helping to make your farming operation more profitable.

We’ve streamlined and simplified our brand and product names. We’ve redesigned and added a new look to some of our most-recognizable logos.

What does The Lindsay Advantage mean to you? It means Zimmatic by Lindsay can engineer a unique system that maximizes time, labor and water savings for your specific needs.

Zimmatic offers proven systems and products that are built to be strong, long lasting, durable and easy to use. These systems can be enhanced with a family of new add-on products that are as simple as “plug and play.”


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Q & A: The Lindsay Advantage

Randy Wood, Lindsay’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Irrigation, The Americas, talks about The Lindsay Advantage.

Q: What is The Lindsay Advantage?

A: The Lindsay Advantage is really the combination of two important elements that matter most to our customers: (1) machines that are strong, durable, rugged and long-lasting; and (2) an integrated technology platform that allows customers to expand the capabilities of their system with easy-to-use plug-and-play add-ons.

Q: How does it benefit growers?

A: Growers demand systems that will last, and systems that will irrigate reliably over the harshest terrain. In order to meet these demands you need strength, reliability and durability.

Customers are also getting larger, managing more machines and covering more acres. They need more eyes and ears in the field helping them direct these larger operations, and manage their time effectively. They need the time-saving advantage of managing remotely with easy-to-use controls.

Access to more information, like soil moisture or rainfall data, is allowing growers to manage resources including water and energy more efficiently. Those inputs need to come from devices that integrate easily, in a plug-and-play fashion.

We believe The Lindsay Advantage delivers all this – and more!

Q: Lindsay pivots have been renamed – why?

A: Irrigators today have a lot of variability in their operations – large fields and small fields, rough terrain and smooth terrain. This variability means they need options, and choices in their equipment. They need the ability to design a machine that is configured for a specific piece of land. And we’ve been able to meet these evolving needs by expanding the Zimmatic product line over the past several years to include multiple machine platforms each designed for a specific application or environment.

The move towards model numbers identifying each platform was really driven by our customers desire to make the ordering and design process as simple and understandable as possible – to ensure they get the best machine for their application. This change creates a very logical progression from our smaller machines, to our larger platforms, and it allows customers to clearly identify and pick a machine that meets their specifications.

The 9500 Series is our thickest pipeline, and most durable machine. The 8500 Series is a lighter pipeline machine that still provides the strength and durability synonymous with Zimmatic. The 7500 Series machines include a smaller diameter pipeline designed for smaller fields where high crop clearance is still required.  In many instances machine components from the 9500 and 8500 can be mixed and matched to arrive at the perfect balance between machine cost and strength.  There are options that cover all fields, and the grower makes the ultimate choice.

Visit The Lindsay Advantage or talk to your local dealer for more information.