The New 7500P Small-Field Pivot

The New 7500P Small-Field Pivot

For these South Caroline growers, smaller is better.

Zimmatic by Lindsay’s new 7500P Small-Field Pivot is proving to be popular among growers around the world, including two South Carolina growers who recently purchased the new 7500P as a “perfect fit” for their operations.

Designed to irrigate smaller fields up to 60 acres (24 ha), the 7500P Small-Field Pivot features a crop clearance of 10.5 feet (3.2 m), a smaller diameter pipeline of 4.5 inches (11.4 cm), 11-guage pipe and tower joints, and a 5-inch (12.7-cm) pivot point.

Lynchburg, SC, grower Britt Rowe recently added two 7500P Small-Field Pivots to the 15 Zimmatic pivots he already owns.

Perfect Fit

“In our part of the country, you can’t grow corn without irrigation,” Rowe says. “We also don’t have the huge fields here that they do in some other parts of the country so the Small-Field Pivots are a perfect fit for us.”

According to Tanner Hoffman, Zimmatic product manager, the 7500P pivot point provides four full-length legs strengthened by numerous cross ties to provide a stable base with consistent crop clearance as the machines transition from the pivot point to the first span.

The 7500P also features Zimmatic’s own external collector ring and Uni-Knuckle joint, which leave the 4.5-inch (11.4 cm) pipeline free from obstructions.

Affordable Option

From an economic standpoint, Rowe says, the 7500P is more affordable and performs just as well as his larger Zimmatic pivots.

“In 12-foot (3.6-m), 220-bushel corn, the 7500P’s push right through it and perform nicely,” Rowe says.

Rowe runs both 7500Ps off the same well and pump. One pivot covers 40 acres (16 ha) and the other 30 acres (12 ha).

Fourth-generation farmer Buddy Rivers of Sumter, SC, owns 31 pivots, most of them Zimmatics. He purchased a 7500P Small-Field Pivot earlier this year to irrigate a 50 acre (20 ha) field of corn.

For Smaller Fields

“Our 7500P fits in good with the smaller fields,” Rivers says. “It’s definitely more economical for smaller fields and can cut your per acre cost of irrigating.”

Rivers said his 7500P got a good workout this summer because of extremely dry weather and handled the 12-foot (3.6-m) tall corn in his field without a problem.

“The 7500P Small-Field Pivots work great and I think we’ll be selling a lot more of them in the future,” says Benny Altman, irrigation manager at Sparrow & Kennedy, local Zimmatic by Lindsay dealer for Rowe and Rivers.

GrowSmart Options

Hoffman says all GrowSmart control options are available on the 7500P, including FieldNET for remote irrigation management.

Rivers uses FieldNET Mobile on about half of his pivots including the 7500P and continues to add Web-based irrigation management features to his other pivots.

Rivers says, “My son jumps right in on the new technology. He likes to crank up the pivots by smartphone. I still have to drive out to the pivots.”

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BONUS! Fast Facts About the Growers

About Britt Rowe, Lynchburg, SC

  • Grows 3,000 acres (1,214 ha) of peanuts, cotton and corn
  • President of the South Carolina Peanut Growers Association
  • Says pivot irrigation has grown rapidly in his area in the last five years
  • Previously owned a tunneling construction company for 30 years
  • Bought his first farm seven years ago to bird hunt—says the farm has now “taken on a life of its own”

About Buddy Rivers, Sumter, SC

  • Grows 3,000 acres (1,214 ha) of corn and double crops wheat and soybeans
  • Fourth generation South Carolina farmer
  • Father, J.T. Rivers Jr., age 82, still helps with the farming and “has veto power”
  • Buddy’s son, J.T. “John” Rivers IV, also active in the farm operation