Thirsty for Ways to Save Water, Growers Look For Long-Term Solutions to Combat Shortages

February 3, 2016


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Thirsty for Ways to Save Water, 
Growers Look For Long-Term Solutions to Combat Shortages

Drought Prompts California Growers to Consider More Efficient Irrigation Options


(OMAHA, Neb.) – February 2016 – While El Niño is providing some relief, the ongoing drought is prompting California growers to re-evaluate their irrigation options and look for long-term solutions for water conservation. 

“Ask whether El Niño will end the drought, and you’ll get a lot of answers,” said Dirk Lenie, vice president of global marketing for Lindsay Corporation. “While everyone hopes it will at least make a sizable dent, the uncertainty that comes with a four-year drought is prompting growers to look for more efficient, long-term irrigation options.”

Among the options, a conversion from flood (gravity flow) to center pivot irrigation systems. It is estimated that flood irrigation uses up to 45 percent more water and is 40-50 percent less efficient than center pivot systems. Advances in center pivot technology also allow for precise application and remote monitoring, which maximizes water efficiency and minimizes labor costs.

“Applying the correct amount of water at the right time is crucial to achieving a good yield,” Lenie said. “Our state-of-the-art FieldNET® by Lindsay technology gives growers precise management and scheduling capabilities as well as the ability to remotely control and monitor their systems via laptop, tablet or mobile phone.”

With advanced pump technology, growers also are looking to older wells for their crop water needs. While many old wells have sand contamination issues, in-well sand separators can keep them productive without damaging pumps and system components.

“Pumping sandy water exposes a pump’s impellers and bearings to significant wear, which reduces the pump’s efficiency and forces longer operating cycles in order to deliver the required water,” said Randy Delenikos, vice president of groundwater/irrigation at LAKOS, a Lindsay company. “Removing sand from the water before it gets into the pump will significantly extend pump life.”

For more information about efficient, resource-saving irrigation solutions, please visit booth L40 at the 2016 World Ag Expo, taking place February 9- 11 in Tulare, California. For additional resources, including images, fact sheets and video, visit