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NFTrax® 2.0

NFTrax® 2.0

The patented NFTrax is an airless wheel design that will never go flat and keeps wheel ruts to a minimum – saving time,labor and replacement costs. Compared to pneumatic and solid tires, NFTrax helps growers avoid tread damage, punctures and air pressure checks. In addition, it reduces wheel rut depth, allowing trouble-free operation throughout the season.

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Tracking Solutions - Featuring NFTrax 2.0

Zimmatic Three-Wheel Solution

Ideal for marshy areas and problem soils, Zimmatic's three-wheel tower structure adds power to increase traction and prevent rutting. 

  • Spend less time dealing with stuck machines 
  • Increase tire life 
  • Reduce drivetrain wear and tear
  • Irrigate acres currently left idle
Tracking Solutions - Featuring NFTrax 2.0

Radial Tires

Radial tires offered by Zimmatic provide a high-performance alternative to bias tire options. 

Radial tire construction lessens severe wheel tracking and compaction beneath sprinklers while reducing overall drivetrain wear and tear. Plus, the rugged radial tire design cuts maintenance costs by reducing flats in the field

  • 60% larger footprint than 11.2"x 38" bias tires 
  • Low air pressure for less compaction and rutting 
  • Wider, stronger tread face and durable side wall 
  • Heavy load rating, even at lower pressures 
  • Fits standard 10 "x 38" wheel, no tube needed 
  • 8-year pro-rated warranty
Tracking Solutions - Featuring NFTrax 2.0

Lindsay Bias Ply Tires

The cost-effective choice for traditional bias tires.

  • Available in popular sizes
  • Field tested and proven
  • Meet Lindsay’s rigorous quality standards 
  • 8-year pro-rated warranty