Washington Grower Relies on Technology to Manage Life With Crops and Kids

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Busy Mom Says FieldNET is Her Most Useful Tool

With two young boys and another on the way, Washington grower Kylie Gray has little time to spare. That’s why she relies on FieldNET® by Lindsay to remotely manage the irrigation systems on the farmland that she leases from area landowners.

FieldNET is a fully-integrated wireless management tool that lets growers control their systems from virtually anywhere. With FieldNET, growers have the ability to monitor and control pivots, laterals, pumps and sensors from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

“Between running two businesses and raising a young family, my fiancé and I are always stretched a little bit thin on things, but mostly time,” Gray said. “Since we rent from multiple landowners, we do a lot of ‘road farming.’ FieldNET makes it so we don’t have to be in so many places at once.” 

A fourth-generation farmer, Gray had originally planned to become a nurse. However, her career path took a different course when she became a single mother.  After a lot of dead ends, she found someone who would lease her the land she needed to start Gray Girl Farms.

“The Columbia Basin is competitive, and there are a lot of successful farmers here,” she said. “When you are young and don’t have a lot of money and experience behind you, you really have to find the right people to work with. I found a guy that took a chance on me, and I’ve never looked back.”

Still in the early stages of obtaining leases, Gray and her fiancé adapt their crops to suit the ground that’s available. For the coming year, they will grow potatoes and a variety of forage crops.

“All of the ground is irrigated by center pivots,” she said. “We will be working on a project that includes installing mini-pivots on some ground that is really isolated and hasn’t been farmed in years. When that’s done, we will have between 10-12 pivots that we’ll be monitoring. We use a variety of circle brands – some old and some new. FieldNET makes everything look the same.”

Gray added that FieldNET also helps them save water, power, gas and wear and tear on vehicles – making it well worth the investment.

“People often think I’m joking when I say this, but for me, the best thing about FieldNET is being able to monitor circles from my house,” she said.  “I am raising kids and farming. Balancing the two has proved to be really tricky. FieldNET lets me know exactly how much water is being applied and when it’s happening. I can turn a circle off and on without ever leaving my house. I am expecting my third boy in March, so anything that saves me from having to load them in the car is a lifesaver for me.”

For more information about FieldNET, visit or talk to your local Zimmatic by Lindsay dealer