West Texas Peanut Grower Makes Water Efficiency a Priority

In West Texas, every drop of water matters.

That’s why one of the area’s largest peanut producers manages his limited water supply with a Zimmatic center pivot irrigation system.

"We are in a very dry climate out here at the edge of the desert. We don't receive a whole lot of rainfall on an annual basis and we are running low on water – it’s very limited,” said Jake Teichroeb. “Water is our most precious resource.”

Teichroeb’s commitment to efficient water management is one of the reasons he earned the 2017 Farm Press Peanut Efficiency Award for the Southwest Region.

“Jake is dedicated to the peanut industry and is progressive in trying new farming technology,” said Terry Coleman, owner of Mesa Irrigation, the Zimmatic dealer in La Mesa, Texas. “Many farmers in the area look to his farming practices for improving their production.”

Teichroeb grew up on the family farm and, after working construction, leased 640 acres from his dad. After his dad passed away, he began his own operation, purchasing parcels from retiring farmers and leasing from others. Today, he raises black Angus cattle and works 10,500 acres of peanuts, wheat, maize, cotton and hay that are spread over four counties. He runs 64 pivots – more than half of which are Zimmatic. To maximize efficiency, he makes sure he has the right hose drop space and that the distance from the ground to the nozzle is adequate.  

"We are in a dry, windy climate, so it’s really importation to get the water right on top,” he said. “In my operation, I want that drop as low as I can get it, but where it doesn't interfere with the crops and the spray pattern.”

To further maximize efficiency, Teichroeb utilizes FieldNET® technology to remotely manage and control his irrigation systems.

“I rely heavily on FieldNET. With as many pivots as I have, it would take a lot of manpower to watch all of them every day and make sure they’re running efficiently,” he said. “Without it, I would need at least four more hands to help out. My three boys ages 15, 13 and 11 are a great help, but they’re in school during the day. FieldNET has been a lifesaver for me.”

With such a limited water supply, Teichroeb said it’s important for all growers – not just those in West Texas – to be as efficient as possible.

“We all need to maintain our pivots, fix leaks and keep them in good shape. There is nothing worse than a broken pivot wasting water all day long. In our region, we can’t afford that,” he said. “We rely so heavily on water. There are years where it gets so unbelievably dry. It’s extremely important for us to be good stewards or our resources.” 

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