Wyoming Dealer Doesn't Back Away From Challenging Projects

Dale Bowman sold his first Zimmatic pivot in 1970. 

“My first customer was Bowman and Sons – my dad and brother,” he said. “That first pivot (serial number 1013) is no longer in service. We sold another pivot (serial number 1040) the same spring to Don J. Brown, and he still used it some in 2016. 

A farmer for more than 65 years, Brown now runs seven Zimmatic pivots on his farm in southeast Wyoming. On his 3,000 acres (1,200 irrigated) he raises cattle and grows potatoes, corn, beans, oats and wheat.

“I remember paying between $15,000 and $20,000 for that first pivot,” Brown said. “It’s a little worn, and I’ve had to replace sprinklers and some other parts, but it’s still running.”

Brown says he prefers Zimmatic over other pivot brands, because he’s always gotten good service from the team at Bowman Irrigation.

“We have always sold good products, and we always stand behind our work,” Bowman said. “We have never been afraid to tackle a job that others thought was too hard or even impossible to do. We often came up with unique ideas to do even common jobs simpler and better.”

While the outlook for 2017 is cause for some concern, Bowman is optimistic for the future.

“We feel Lindsay is doing all it can in this economic slump. They’ve been pretty good about pricing,” he said. “The company you work with is as important as the product you sell – and with Lindsay and Zimmatic, both are really good.”