Pushing Cotton to the Limit With Pivot Irrigation

by Lindsay

Missouri cotton grower Alan Jones makes maximum use of pivot irrigation to boost yields, reduce labor costs and improve soil fertility on his 3,800-acre (1,538 ha) cotton farm.

“Cotton prices have generally been good recently and we are seeing more pivots going up in our area,” Jones says.

Jones farms in partnership with his . . .

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“Beet”ing the Odds

by Lindsay

Chilean Farm Adds Pivot Irrigation and Watches Sugar Beet Yields Grow

A recent issue of Irrigation Advances explored the benefits of pivot irrigation on sugar beets in the United States. Nebraska grower Kevin Hall found that Zimmatic pivots help his sugar beets germinate properly, while also saving labor costs and conserving water. Not surprisingly, . . .

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Growing Irrigated Tomatoes in Corn Country

by Lindsay

Everyone knows they grow tomatoes in . . . Indiana?

That’s right, Indiana, one of the leading corn and soybean producing states in the U.S., is also tomato country.

Rice Farms

Each year, Rice Farms of Wanatah, Ind., grows approximately 10,000 tons (9,072 MT) of pivot-irrigated tomatoes that are used to make tomato juice, . . .

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Water in the Desert

by Lindsay

Canadian Zimmatic Dealer Brings Center Pivot Irrigation to the People of Afghanistan

Most pivot dealers have, at one point or another, found themselves installing irrigation systems under adverse conditions – in rain, on hot summer days or while dodging strong winds. But Canadian Zimmatic dealer Boyd Derdall’s recent installation experience takes the cake, and, . . .

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Total Irrigation Flexibility

by Jim Hendrickson

New Zealand Grower Saves Water with AccuFlow VRI.

Johnny Fraser considers water management one of the keys to profitably growing crops on his diversified New Zealand farm. Thanks to AccuFlow VRI, a new precision irrigation product from Lindsay, Fraser plants, grows and harvests his crops when and where he wants in his field.

With . . .

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