Zimmatic Pipeline–The Right Options for Any Field

Lindsay understands that no field, farming operation or grower is the same.

With an endless variety of environments, cropping requirements, field designs and terrain, growers need more and more equipment options to get the job done. Lindsay responded to this need by releasing the new 8 5/8-inch (219 mm) pipe diameter option to its 9500 Series line of pivots.

“We’ve added this new pipe diameter to our product line for increased flexibility and efficiency in cost, machine set-up and operation,” said Tanner Hoffman, Zimmatic product manager. “Lindsay has made the capital investments necessary to produce this popular pipeline size, and we are proud to offer the new 8 5/8-inch diameter pipe to our irrigation customers around the world.”

More flexibility

Initially offered in galvanized steel, the new pipe diameter is available in a variety of span lengths and extensions.

“Incorporation of 8 5/8-inch spans into the Zimmatic 9500 Series product line allows even more flexibility to design a machine that is the perfect fit for each specific grower’s needs. The 8 5/8-inch spans can be used in many different applications to reduce friction loss, save energy, lower overall upfront machine costs and provide span length and clearance options needed to match nearly any terrain or field design,” Hoffman said.

 More options for a better fit

With this addition, growers now have access to a total of six different pipe diameters in Zimmatic machines: 4 ½-inch (114 mm), 5 9/16-inch (141 mm), 6 5/8-inch (168 mm), 8-inch (203 mm), 8 5/8-inch (219 mm) and 10 inch (254 mm). The new 8 5/8 inch diameter pipeline is built using heavy wall 11 gauge pipe, consistent with other 9500P spans.

Zimmatic’s standard 6 5/8-inch pipe is more than 10 percent thicker than that of the competition.

Zimmatic offers not only galvanized steel but also aluminum, stainless steel and poly-lined piping options to give growers even more customization.

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